Playlist for Metalsome Holiday

Sneak Peek of Metalsome Affair.

Playlist for Metalsome Affair:

Sneak Peek of Metalsome Affair:

Coffee is a huge part of the band’s life. As I write the books, I will list their favorite coffees here:

Diego: Flat White. Which is two shots of strong espresso topped with a microform of whole milk.

Jess: Chai Latte. Which is heated Chai milk concentrate (like Tazo.) Topped with steamed whole milk and a dash of cinnamon on top.

Topher: A macchiato. Which is two shots of strong espresso. It can’t be too acidic. HE HATES THAT. Topped with a bit of frothed oat milk.

Food makes me happy so all of my books include a lot of references to cooking or eating. For those of you who said to me, “your book made me hungry” here are the recipes so you can make your own feast!

Playlist for Metalsome Heart

Here is a sneak peek at Metalsome Heart!