“We cannot be sure of the total number of untested rape kits nationwide because most jurisdictions do not have systems for tracking or counting rape kits. Additionally, there is no federal law mandating a nationwide movement toward tracking and testing rape kits, despite efforts by some members of Congress to pass such legislation. However, a growing number of states, all across the country, are making real reforms to end the backlog.” Go to: Endthe backlog and support this worthy cause!

National Bail Fund Network:
You can help the Black Lives Matter movement by donating bail funds to help those who protest police brutality.  The National Bail Fund Network has a list of Bail Funds for Protestors across the Country. If you can’t be on the front line, you can help bail out the brave folks who are there.  Click here for a list of states and the bail funds links.

I love animals, and they are often a strong part of my storytelling. I adopted my dog, Marley, from the local SPCA and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. Don’t forget to support your local SPCA! Click here to find the one closest to you! Or if you want, click: cspca to support my local shelter. And thank you!

Local community theater is a place for anyone to grow! From learning lines, to building sets to managing a show – theater is for everyone and it helps build a community. My local theater is Four County Players – please support them or your local theater today! Four County Players