On December 11, 2021, I lost my special girl. Her name was Marley. She was sixteen years old. Like most rescues we don’t really know her breed. She was part Chihuahua, part Minpin and part something bigger. I adopted her from the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA in 2015 when she was 8 1/2. It was the very best thing I’ve ever done. I’ll miss her until I see her again. She was my soul-dog. I’m devastated by her loss, but I know I will rescue again. Because more dogs need a loving home. And I know Marley would be proud of me for going back to the SPCA and becoming a fur mama again. Before I adopt, I’m going foster for a while. My heart can’t handle a full time commitment at present. I’m just missing Marley too much. But I know that taking in a foster will benefit the pup and possibly ease my aching heart a little bit.

When I first adopted Marley she was so scared. She was returned twice to the shelter. Twice! I have no idea why. Possibly because she needed more time to acclimate than the adoptees where willing to give her. But with patience and love she became confident, obstinate, and very brave. (I was particularly fond of her obstinate side.) It was her heart that finally gave out. She died in her sleep, peacefully with her little paws crossed. It broke my heart to lose her, but at least she was able to go in her sleep. She was very headstrong and it was like her to decide when it was her time to leave.

Please consider adopting over shopping for a dog. You won’t regret it! The love a rescue dog gives you is like nothing you’ve ever experienced.


I adopted Rocky March 2023. He has a debilitating issue with his back legs due to neglect in his former life. He is 12, full of personality and love. So his back legs don’t work great? He makes up with it in charm and his big soulful eyes.